Italian "Master" courses

The University does not end with the degree; the labour market increasingly requires in-depth knowledge, and makes further training activities indispensable.

In this case you can enroll in a University “Master”. It should not be  confused with the Master's degree of the English-speaking countries. It is an advanced degree programme (similar to a Postgraduate diploma in UK), and is defined as a "scientific specialization course and of permanent and recurrent advanced training".

It should not also be confused with the numerous masters offered by public or private bodies, because these do not release the title with legal value.

It has a precise legal recognition and can be a 1st or 2nd level Master Course.

  • To be admitted to a 1st level “Master” course (Master di 1° livello), you must have a 1st level degree (laurea triennale).
  • To be admitted to a 2nd level “Master” course you must have a 2nd level degree (laurea magistrale or laurea magistrale a ciclo unico).  

Master courses last at least one academic year and provide for the accrual of 60 training credits per year.

They are not permanent structures; they are activated from year to year to provide opportunities for continuous education flexibly.